Nieman Markets Apples


Enjoy over 20 varities of Nieman Markets Apples.  Our early season apples include: Jersey Mac, Paula Red, Red Free and Wealthy.  Mid-season apples inlcude: McIntosh, Honey Crisp, Cortland, Wolf River, Macoun, Fuji and Golden Delicious.  Late-season apples include: Ida Red, Jonathans, Empires, Russets, 20 ounce Pippins and Gala.  Whether you enjoy picking your own apples or would prefer to purchase them by the 3 pound bag, 5 pound bag or 1/2 bushel we have delicious apples in multiple varieties.  We also sell "seconds" and "deer" apples by the bushel.  

Early Season Apples:

Jersey Mac

A medium sized red apple with yellow and green splashes of color. Flesh is crispy and juicy with a tart flavor. Excellent for eating and cooking, also makes a great cider.


Paul Red

A medium sized red apple. Tart and juicy with crisp white flesh. Excellent for eating, sauce and pies.


Red Free

A medium red glossy apple and very aromatic. Crispy and juicy with light colored flesh. Very flavorful, excellent for eating, sauce and juice.



A medium to large apple with a greenish-yellow and red outer skin covering with a cream colored flesh. Crisp, juicy and tart flavor. Excellent for baking, pies, sauces, juice and cider.


Mid-Season Apples:


An excellent multi-purpose apple with a crispy, tart flavor. Very juicy and perfect for eating, salads, sauces, pies and baking.



A very sweet and juicy crispy apple with cream colored flesh.  Excellent for eating, salads and delicious sauces.  Fuji apples make a very sweet sauce that needs little to no additional sugar.



Rhode Island Greening is well-known American heirloom apple variety, dating back to the 17th century.  That makes it a very old apple, indeed there are not many European apples that can be traced back as far as Rhode Island Greening.  Perhaps surprisingly Rhode Island Greening is not a rare antique variety grown by enthusiasts as a historical curiosity, as its vintage might suggest.  Quite the opposite - it appears to have been a commercial variety from the outset and even today is still grown commercially.


Golden Delicious

A light colored apple with a mild, sweet flavor and crisp light yellow flesh.  A sweet treat for eating! The sweet flavor allows for less sugar when cooking and baking with these delicious apples.  Excellent for salads, sauces, pies, baking and freezing.


Honey Crisp

A relatively new variety of apple that was first introduced in the early 1990's but continues to gain popularity. Very juicy with a super crispy yellow flesh with a taste of honey allowing for both a very sweet yet tart taste. Excellent for eating, sauces and baking.



This is an extra sweet and aromatic apple. Very juicy, tender with snow white flesh.  Excellent for eating, great for sauces and salads.



One of the most popular of all apples.  Sweet with a tart and tangy flavor.  Very juicy and tender white flesh.  Excellent for eating, sauces, salads and pies.


Wolf River

A larger apple that is excellent for cooking, baking, drying and makes amazing apple butter.


Late-Season Apples:


A sweet-start flavor and a great all around apple.  Excellent for eating, salads, sauce, baking, pies and freezing.



A juicy apple with a very mild flavor.  Crispy with a creamy yellow flesh and excellent for eating and salads.


Ida Red

One of the best all around apples! Sweet, tart tase with a white flesh and firm body.  Excellent for sauces, pies and cakes.  Great for all baking!



This apple is a cross between the mellow Golden Delicious and the tart Jonathan apple.  Excellent for eating, salads, sauces, baking and even frying! Good for pies and freezes well.



Medium in size and round in shape the Jonathon apple is covered in a thin red skin, blushed with yellow to green undertones. The flesh is a creamy yellow in color with a crisp bite and lots of juice. Its flavor is mildly sweet with a tart tang and subtle hints of spice. Excellent for eating, cooking, and baking.  Works well when pairing with other apples for pies, sauces and desserts.


20 ounce Pippins

Rich , sweet and tart taste with a pale yellow flesh apple.  Firm body, with a tender inside and very juicy.  Excellent for cooking.  Great for pies, sauce and baking.


Red Delicious

Red Delicious is one of the most famous American apples, and one of the most widely grown apple varieties. Although the names are similar, Red Delicious and Golden Delicious are entirely different varieties. There are a lot of other similarities though: both varieties were discovered in the USA at the end of the 19th century, both need warm climates, both have interesting histories, and both are basically sweet apples.Red Delicious is "sport" of the original, the bright red colour making it more commercially successful, and it has become a very important commercial apple variety especially in North America.

Red Delicious is a medium-sized apple, with a tall conical shape. The dark and intense crimson colour makes it the quintessential red apple, and it is has strong shelf appeal.  A number of improved "sports" have been developed, of which the most well-known is probably Starking.



The term "Russet Apples" is used to describe apples that have "russeting" on them. Russeting is a patch of the apple's skin that is a different colour from the rest of the apple.  The color can be golden brown, burnt umber, silvery or grey. Some russeting will be a small area at the top or the bottom of the apple, or just a patch or two elsewhere on the apple. It may even cover almost all the entire apple. Apple enthusiasts feel that Russets are the best tasting apples, witha delicious combination of sweet and tart. Excellent for cooking.